Friday, April 11, 2008

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to green thumbs, all thumbs, dirty-nailed typists, eco-voyeurs, anyone who enjoys gardening or just the idea of it!  Living in Ottawa, Canada, the world's second coldest national capital (after somewhere in Siberia I think) the short season makes gardening a longed-for pleasure.  This year has been especially brutal and there has been snow on the ground from the end of November until now, where only the ghosts of drifts remain.

Once the snow begins melting a familiar mania returns.......the itch to get outside and see all the sleeping babies come back to life.


Barbee' said...

Hello Julia, You have a terrific garden space to "play with". I enjoyed reading your "About Me". Look forward to my future visits. You are very industrious with your various areas and styles of gardening. I think the Square Foot system is great. It's been around for years and produces an amazing amount of produce.

brandank said...

I found your blog through blotanical. You have a very interesting plot going. Lots of nicely constructed frames. Great start on the blog. Keep up the good work!

Laura said...

Hi Julia! You have a lovely start to a blog here! Ill be back to visit more as the garden grows. Like you, Ive been itching to get out there. Its amazing what you'll find growing in the darks of winter.