Saturday, April 12, 2008

SFG "Greenhouse"

My dh built this a la the SFG book.  It's a wood frame with chicken wire, which will keep out the cats, squirrels, groundhogs and bunnies--I hope--and for now, are covered in plastic.  Not very pretty, but I am hopeful that it will keep the freshly planted seeds from washing away in this  heavy rain.


Amy said...

Hello Julia - I just found your blog today through Blotanical.

We're planning to try square foot gardening this year. We managed to build one raised bed late last spring and are hoping to do quite a bit more this year.

You must be glad the snow is *finally* leaving Ottawa. I have family living there so I know it's been a terrible winter.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hi julia, I too just found you through blotanical. I have a few friends who are using the square foot method and just love it.


Julia said...

Having struggled with clay and weeds for years I needed a change, so SFG is just so much easier. This is my second year, and I will be sharing the ups and downs with the blog community. Thanks for dropping by!